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St. Anthony of Padua's prayer for the Church, written circa 1232
(Thank You Madeline Nugent for passing these St Anthony prayers along.)

Poor little church, tossed about by the waves of a violent storm with no harbor of refuge. Cast your cares on the Lord, for He Himself will help you, nourishing you at the fountain of your princes, the Apostles. They were fortified with the teachings of Christ, and the grace of the Holy Spirit; draw strength from them from then until now, so that growing from virtue to virtue you will be able to see the God of gods in Zion to Whom be honor and glory throughout all ages. Amen.

Prayers of St. Anthony to Our Lady

We beg you, our Lady and our hope, you, who are the star of the sea, illumine your children, engulfed in the turbulent sea of sin; guide us to the safe harbor of forgiveness, so we may successfully complete the journey of our life with your protection. With his help whom you carried in your womb, and nourished at your holy breasts. To him be honor and glory throughout all ages. Amen.

We ask you, Our Lady, you who are called the morning star, dispel with your light the thick fog of allurements to evil which fills our souls. Like the light of the moon, replenish our emptiness, and dissipate the darkness of our sins, so that we may attain the fullness of eternal life and the light of never diminishing glory. With his help, who made you our light, and although born from you, gave you life. To him be honor and glory from age to age. Amen.

Our Lady, our only hope, we are asking you to illumine our souls with the brilliance of your grace, to cleanse us with the splendor of your purity, to cheer us with the warmth of your presence, and to reconcile us to your Son, that we may be worthy of his glory. With his help who assumed his glorious flesh from you and who wished to live in your womb for nine months. To him be honor and glory through all eternity. Amen.

Lady and Mother of God, your name is like a fortified tower in which every sinner finds refuge and salvation. O sweet name, a name which comforts sinners. O name of blessed hope. You, O Virgin, are in the recesses of the soul. Your name is like a shining light, like a sweet taste in the mouth, like a delightful song in the ears of your children. Amen.

O Mary, you are a throne in which is located the glory of the Father. On this throne Jesus Christ, true Wisdom, took his place, Glory Itself, greater than any of the angels, who lived on earth in our flesh. You, blessed Mary, became the seat of that Glory, Jesus Christ, to whom be honor and praise from age to age. Amen.


St Anthony's Real Life Miracles !!


St Anthony works several miracles to restore hope to a family who lost a loved one.

my brother died on july 17th 2011 just a week after his 29th birthday. my sister and i decided on august 10th 2011 
to get my father a statue of jesus to remind him of my brother. we looked all over for a nice statue of Jesus, but 
didnt find any that we liked. finally giving up we went to one last store and saw a statue of saint anthony and we
 felt compelled to buy it. it seemed pretty random to us that we we buying a st anthony statue, given the face that 
he was the patron saint of lost and found items, yet still we felt the need to buy it and give it to our father to help 
him with the loss of our brother.. this next part is where the story makes sense... my sister in law has been 
grieving tremendously over the loss of my brother.  they had been together for over 10 years and married for 5, 
they just had a beautiful baby girl in may 2011, so she was only a little over 2 months when my brother passed 
away. my sister in law told me to sit down that she had to tell me something that happened to her. she tell me that
 she had been crying a lot and just praying for God to help her through this. she calmed down and went to give her 
daughter a bath, when she came back into the baby's room she saw something in the crib. now, nothing is ever in
 the crib because its dangerous for babies to have items in the crib bc they can choke on them. and no one lives 
with her so it was weird that something was in the crib because no one could have dropped any thing in the crib. 
she went over and picked up the small object and first noticed it was a very old medal. and looked worn like 
someone had been rubbing on it with their fingers. then she read the inscription and it was a saint anthony medal.
 she began to cry bc the medal was directly laid on the spot where she lies her baby down to sleep. she knew this
 was the works of God. she went to her priest and told him about the medal and he told her that it is with out a doubt 
a sign from God. and my sister in law said at first she didnt understand, why saint anthony? but then she realized he 
helps find lost things.. well she had lost hope when her husband died, and well, saint anthony is helping her find her 
hope. not just her he is helping my whole family find hope again. now that is an amazing story of miracles and faith 
and the power of God !!


I lost my citizenship card, 6 days before I was travelling.  I called the citizenship office, and they told me it would take 20 weeks to replace the card!!!  I prayed frantically to St Anthony, he NEVER LETS ME DOWN!!!.. Miraculously, the card fell out of some papers in my mum's drawers.  Thank you ST Anthony...for many favours granted!!!

About 3 Years Ago My Wife And I Bought An Old Duplex For $64,000. We Soon Found Out That This House Had Major Structural Damage, 2 Rotten Walls, A Bad Roof , The List Goes On.

We Had To Use Our Line Of Credit To Start Paying For These Repairs. Soon We Were Over Our Heads In Debts, We Needed At Least $10,000 To Pay Off The Contractors. We Were Broke And Stood To Loose The House.

We Made A Novena To St.Anthony. I Spoke To A Friend Of Mine Who As A Prayer Group, About Our Problems. She Said That They Would Pray On It. 3 Days Later She Called Me And Said An Anonymous Donor Gave Her $5,000. For Us To Have.

I Also Spoke To My Uncle Who After A Couple Of Weeks Gave Us $5,000 As A Gift To Help Us Out. We Were Able To Pay Off Everybody. Last August We Sold That Little Duplex For $149,000.

We Had Plenty Left Over To Pay All Of Our Debts.. Buy A Brand New Semi-Detach And Now Finishing The Basement And Landscaping, New Fridge, Etc.. I Also Helped Out My Son ( Over $2000 ) And Forgave His Debt.

And Gave My Daughter $4,600 For Her University Fees. And Still Have About $3000 Left Over. Strangely About The Same Money Given To Us By Benefactors.

At Work We Got A New Contract Of 21 1/2 % . That Will By Jan. 2006 Up My Salary By Approx. $10,000.

Thank You St. Anthony For Your Help And At The Same Time Letting Me Help Others.


We placed our house for sale at the end of February 2004.  While we had 2-3 showings per week - we did not have one single offer.  On June 11th we placed the statue of St. Joseph in our front yard - each morning my husband and I said the novena and prayed together.  One the 7th day - we had a full price offer on our house.  It spent about 110 days on the market with not a single offer - and as soon as we prayed together with St. Jospeh, our house sold!  We are moving to Nashville and can't wait to place the statue in a special place in our home.

Keith & Bridget


St Anthony has helped me on many occasions. Not to long ago I lost my car keys which I couldn't find anywhere, Im talking about stripping the house down and going through anything and everything! I called around to places I have been & searched all my friends cars and houses and they were no were to be found. I invested at least 2 hours a day for 1 month searching for them. One day my Aunty came over for a visit and she told me to pray to St Anthony to help me. Being the skeptic I am didn't believe her but thought to myself i had nothing to lose so i did. Unbelievably the next day no joke the first place i looked which was in the weirdest place and had no idea how they got there but had a gut feeling was where my keys were! i couldn't believe it. Another story which was amazing is my brother went to a concert and his cell phone was stolen from his back pocket, he was so upset but I told him to pray to St Anthony for help. so he did - 1 hour later the person who stole the phone felt so guilty that they called the police station to hand it in. Every time i lose something I always pray to St Anthony and he never lets me down.


From that day on i have preached to everyone i know to pray to St Anthony as i truly believe he is a miracle saint! Sabrina



Many years ago, when I was, most likely, a toddler, there was something strange that happened to my cousin, Janet regarding St. Anthony.

Even though this happened many years ago, I still remember the story.

My cousin, Janet was getting ready to go out, when she noticed that she had misplaced a bracelet that was very expensive and had been given to her by her boyfriend (which turned out to be her husband later on).

She looked all over for this bracelet, yet couldn't find it anywhere.  She was extremely upset and started crying, as she frantically searched all over for her missing bracelet.

My Aunt Yolanda also helped her daughter search for this beautiful piece of jewelry.  My aunt had a rather large statue of St. Anthony on her dresser, in her bedroom (which was also Janet's bedroom).

I'm really not sure whether a prayer was said to St. Anthony or not while they looked around.  However, I do know that as they moved around the room in search of this item, this statute somehow fell off the dresser.  When they went to go pick it up, they noticed that the statue had broken; the head had come off.

When they took a closer look at the neck of this broken statue, they saw the bracelet.  It seemed to have been in the neck of my Aunt Yolanda's St. Anthony statute.  Now, how do you suppose it got there????  There can only be one answer to that question and that is God, with the help of St. Anthony, put it there.  Do you have any other answer? Joanie


My story is from when I was 7 years old.  My father use to take me to Coney Island Beach often when I was a child.  This one weekend he had taken me (7 years old) and my nephew, Jimmy (4 years old) to the beach.  Well, being that my nephew and I were so close in age, we were really more like brother and sister.  Like brothers and sisters at this age; we always argued and bothered each other, especially him to me.  Well, I was always a sentimental person, even at that age.  So, I would get very attached to certain things.  I had this yellow sand shovel that was an odd shape and very different looking that I loved very much.

Well, my nephew, knowing that I had an attachment to this shovel, went and buried it; just to bother me.  I was so upset.  Then he told me that he marked the area where he buried it; he showed me where this spot was.  My father, my nephew and I started to dig for it.  Well, we dug and dug and dug, but no shovel.  I went over to the side to say a prayer to St. Anthony.  I was crying and very upset about this missing shovel.  I prayed that he would help us find it; I told him that I knew it was just a shovel but it was important to me.  I prayed very hard.  My dad, Jimmy and I continued digging till we made a huge hole, but still no shovel.

On the way home I prayed to St. Anthony again, but more to question him as to why I did not find my shovel.  I told him that I knew that he helps people who really feel strongly for the item they want to find and who pray to him with all their hearts.  I told him I didn't understand why he didn't help me.

Anyway, the next day (Sunday) the three of us went back to Coney Island beach.  We always had walked the same path to the beach.  So this day we went down the same steps we did the day before.  As we were walking, I saw my shovel.  It was on top of the sand; in the same spot where we made a hole the day before.  There was no hole anymore, but my shovel was right there on top of the sand.  I was so surprised to see it and especially because there were a bunch of children close to where this shovel was, but they didn't take it.

I thanked St. Anthony and apologized for doubting him.

HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME!!!  When he doesn't grant my request, I know it's because God has a reason to tell him no and if God tells him no -- it's no -- I have to understand that.  I have to understand that it's God who is St. Anthony's boss; he has the final say.  We all should try to understand this and except it and never, ever give up on asking St. Anthony for help again in the future.


Hello, My name is Maria and St. Anthony is one of ,if not my favorite Saint. I think he was assigned especially to me (as I know others feel the same way) because he does more than just locate lost objects. Let me give you an example of a unique favor he performs for me frequently. Whenever my children are outside or walking around the block (they are ages 14, 13, and 11) I invoke St. Anthony to watch over them and to make sure nothing happens to them. I am so sure he needs new shoes from all the walking and tracking he has done for me. My children say I am paranoid because I am always checking up on them if they are outdoors, but I know St. Anthony is helping me out, He also has done many other things for me and has also found numerous objects. In one instance my husband was trying to get a hold of me on the phone and couldn't. He needed to talk to me about something of importance before I returned home.He kept calling and calling but got no answer on my cell phone. He was starting to get worried when he looked up, and above our phone is a picture of St. Anthony. He said "Please St. Anthony help me." and just as he got the last word out, the phone rang and guess who was on the other end, ME. he couldn't believe it and he replayed the story of what had just happened. So you see he also keeps track of children, and finds people. There is so much more that he has procurred for me, And I will be forever grateful. As I recall more favors  I will let send them. I always go to him for EVERYTHING!  Maria 
I spent hours looking for my box of extra checks as I ran out and needed to pay some bills. I asked a friend to pray for finding either the box or extra checks as I could not remember how many I might have. I had not seen these extra checks for some time. In a matter of MINUTES after I requested this to my friend I was told to lift up a pillow on a chair and there was a full box! My friend said he prayed to St. Anthony, Jesus, and Mary. I have no idea when they fell behind this pillow but what relief and so fast! Pat

I have asked Saint Anthony for years to find me a parking place, or to help me find a place where I am driving that I am a little anxious I might not find. (I do get lost easily.) He always helps me. A few days ago, my husband lost his keys. He looked everywhere, and was starting to get mad. I told him (he's not a Catholic), "Ask Saint Anthony to find them for you." I started praying and looking around and under things. I went from room to room, covering all the usual spots. After about five minutes, my husband yelled to me from another room, "Here they are! I left them in the front door." He took out his keys, and I said, "Now you have to tell Saint Anthony 'thank you' for finding your keys for you." I think Saint Anthony made him wait so he would know he was getting help. Sarah


I do not have a story except my grandmother was very devoted to St. Anthony of Padua. I do ask for his help when things are lost. What I wanted to let everyone know is - if I lost something of importance or a medal etc. I ask St. Anthony to return it to me but if I do not receive it than I know St. Anthony gave it to someone who had more need for it. Gabrielle


St Anthony is one of my favorite saints! i end up coughing up a small fortune for Father Mike's poor people for favors that St. Anthony does for me. He was the one i prayed to for my lost crucifix and Our Lady of Guadeloupe medal and miraculously, they were found.
In Mexico some of the women like to hide my things to try to find out just how much i am willing to promise St. Anthony for finding them for me. Once i lost an earring in Mexico and he had it returned to me in Medjugorje. That was a miracle!! i could not believe it when a strange man walked up to me and handed it to me and told me, "i believe this belongs to you." God bumps for sure!!"
Mamas gal


Funniest story I know is a friend who when she couldn't find something would say O.K St. Anthony do your stuff. It worked!! (Grin) This was a Marian Catholic so she meant no disrespect but I thought it funny and also that it worked. Joyce


All my life, I've had a devotion to Saint Anthony. As a child I would often pray to him for lost articles. I had a medal of Saint Anthony that I wore around my neck. I lost my medal one year on our last visit to the family cottage. I prayed and prayed to him that I would find it. But the time came for us to leave and I still couldn't find my medal. Over the winter I forgot about it, but on our first visit in the spring, there was my medal on a dirt road among the stones!

The most humorous story I ever heard regarding Saint Anthony was told by my mother. She had an aunt who prayed to Saint Anthony for many years. Every night she knelt before her statue of Saint Anthony and asked him to find her a husband. She prayed and prayed faithfully, but her prayers just weren't being answered. Finally one day, feeling discouraged and angry that Saint Anthony wasn't answering her prayers, she took the statue and threw it out the window. It flew out of her apartment window and bonked an pedestrian on the head. The man saw which window the statue had come from, and returned it to her.

They married shortly after. I'm sure the bump had healed by then.

Saint Anthony definitely sees the humorous side of things. I'm sure there are many times that we all need a whack on the head before we can see God's will for our lives. Laura


I have had two recent "small miracles" courtesy of dear St. Anthony. The
first one happened two years ago. I was visiting my mother at Christmastime
and we had gone shopping together. As we left the store loaded down with bags
in an icy rain, my mother said she had lost her car keys. I went back inside
the store and re-traced our steps, but no keys. I walked out to the car, told
my mom and she was crestfallen. Not only had her car keys been on the ring,
but her house keys and other irreplaceable keys. She asked me to take another
look in the store. Back I went, searching aisle by aisle. I went to customer
service, but no one had turned in a keyring. Back at the car, my mother,
clutching her umbrella awkwardly under her elbow, was searching her handbag
for what must have been the fifth time. At that moment, seeing her desperate
face I blurted out "I know what, I'll ask St. Anthony to find them for us."
My mom, not a Christian, looked at me skeptically. For some reason, at that
moment I glanced down toward my feet and saw a bright flash of color under
the inch of slushy snow. Sure enough, it was the keys!! My mother was
thrilled (so was I!) and I thanked St. Anthony with all my heart.

The second time was just a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I were driving
in an unfamiliar town, trying to drop off a check owed by my husband's
employer to the company this man worked for. The check had to be delivered
that very day or people would not get paid. We knew the house number and the
street (or so we thought), but couldn't locate the place. Around and around
the neighborhood we went. Finally we realized we would have to drive a long
way back home, call the man and get better directions. As we began to drive
away, I prayed to St. Anthony that the man would glance out his window and
see us. Not twenty seconds later, as we drove down a street we hadn't
checked, there was a house with the front window wide open (in Germany where
we live, windows are one large pane and swing completely open inward, and
there are no screens). A man was standing in the window and my husband
recognized his colleague immediately! The wonderful thing was that we had set
no specific time that we were to drop off the check--we just had to deliver
it sometime that day. There was no reason for the man to be looking for us,
and in fact he wasn't looking for us. Something had just prompted him to open
his window and look out at exactly the time we needed for him to do it. Of
course, that "something" was our dear St. Anthony:o)!!


Hi My name is Robin and I am Methodist.I was searching for two years for my
birth-mom. My Catholic friend told me to go but a St Anthony prayer card and
pray to find your Mom. So I did and (I prayed from my heart 3 times a
day)two weeks later I found my birth-mom. St. Anthony does listen to your

p.s. My birth-mom is Catholic and I gave her my St.Anthony card! Robin


I have lived a long time...and have MANY St. Anthony very favorite it this:
I had taken the checkbook with me....and a few days later my husband wanted to use it....OF COURSE..... I couldnt find it. I looked everywhere, with no success.....My husband was getting anxious to find it, as he didnt want to start a 'new' check book...I told him I had prayed to St. Anthony to help me find it...and that it WOULD be found.........My husband insisted that I had lost it..... ha.................As we were discussing it.....I ask St. Anthony again....PLEASE let me know where it is..IF it is fact, in the house and not truly I was sitting at the kitchen table...waiting and thinking and praying....I SAW the check book sticking out of the pocket of my brown jacket..hanging in the closet......It really SHOCKED me..........I saw the whole thing in color....I jumped up and ran to the closet...there it was........EXACTLY as I had 'seen' it...right down to the way it was sticking out of the pocket.......I handed it to my husband ..........and I thanked God and St. Anthony......that even in such a small matter, as a 'lost' checkbook..........they were so willing to grant me a 'signal grace'
I have a LARGE, old...picture of St. Anthony right here by my computer..............It was given to me by a very old woman.......I DONT think that St. Anthony does 'magic'.......................or that it is some kind of 'wierd' thing he does for people..................I believe he is a friend that God allows us.....................showing once more that GOD DOES get involved in even the smallest matters and concerns of our any loving Father would be involved.
There have been many times when St. Anthony DOES NOT help me find lost articles...It is at THOSE TIMES I KNOW.....the article is truly lost........and isnt going to be found....................... and so I always ask that it be GOD'S WILL that whatever help I am granted.
Thank God for such a sweet and helpful St. Anthony. RITA
When I was a young child, my mother took us to the beach and lost her purse there. We went to the police station and reported it. My mother prayed to St. Anthony. When we got home, my mother's pocketbook was hanging on a hook in her room. It was my first experience with a miracle. I pray to St. Anthony all the time now and he always comes through. Last week I was in the book store and was told that the book I wanted was not on the shelf. I immediately asked St. Anthony to find the book, and almost before my prayer was finished, the woman said he found it out of place! I told her it was St. Anthony who found it and she smiled. It's a great way to witness too. Bernadette
My wife developed a love for St. Anthony from a family friend. She had a St. Anthony medal in her car. At this friends funeral, my wife's car was stolen. She
prayed to St. Anthony and said she would get her car back. Well, about a week
later the people who took her car were involved in a minor accident and fled the car. Since the police were on the look out for the car as it had important papers
in the trunk, they informed us it was found. While everything in the car and trunk
were stripped, the St. Anthony medal was on the floor. It was the only item left
The car was repaired and good as new. Frank
We were living in Mechanicsburg, PA, my husband, my youngest daughter, and
myself, along with my daughter's cat, Mau Mau. He was a Maine-coon, a long
haired striped large cat. He had been neutered and de-clawed and never went
outside. He would shy away from the door when it was opened. My daughter
had gotten her own apartment, but cats were not allowed, so he stayed with
my husband and myself. Erin, my daughter visited him every day. He is very
much loved. One day he ventured into the garage which is attached to the
house, where my husband was working. My husband did not realize it and came
back in the house and closed the door. Shortly thereafter, I realized he
was gone. We searched up and down the street, across the street, where
there was a big field, everywhere. There were two little girls in the last
house on the street, and I thought perhaps they had taken him, but no one
seemed to know where he was. Erin found it hard to work, or eat or sleep
for missing him so. I decided to start a novena to St. Anthony. It really
seemed hopeless, there was no sign of him anywhere for nine days. On the
ninth day, Erin was getting ready to leave to go back to her apartment,
opened up the door, and there on the walk stood Mau Mau. He was cold and
wet and frightened, but he just appeared out of nowhere, because we had been
standing on the porch and never saw him come up the walk. We were convinced
that someone had him, and when he had a chance, he escaped his captors, with
the help of St. Anthony. Erin got a new apartment where she could keep him
and still has him.

I find it very comforting to rely on St. Anthony. He has helped me
so many times. Billie

Home of St Anthony, Patron Saint of 'things lost'. In early 1200, a
different Eucharistic Miracle occurred here. A man challenging Saint
Anthony that his mule would not respond to the True Presence, did not
feed his mule for several days. St. Anthony brought the 'Holy
Eucharist' and the man the food. The mule ignored the food and knelt
down on its front legs to the 'True Presence' of Jesus in the Holy
Eucharist. Rita
I was visiting a friend and when talking she looked down and found here wedding ring stone was missing from the ring on her hand. I told her calmly to pray to St. Anthony to find her stone. She asked who he was, I told her and so she said okay.... She called me later that day. She had prayed to St. Anthony and in the afternoon she was folding laundry and near the bottom of the laundry basket she found her stone. She called in jubilation and said St. Anthony is her new friend in life. Jane
St. Anthony is one of my favorite Saints, and I've had quite a few miracles attributed to His intercession, but I will tell you my most recent. Our Church secretary, (Barbara) can vouch for this story, as she was present for the miracle. So were many of the parishioners who are on the environment committee.
It was Sunday afternoon, December 23rd, 2001. The Environment committee, (of which I am a member of) was busily decorating the Church for the Christmas season, which began in less than 24 hours. Our church is very large. There was much work to be done, and not a lot of time to do it.
We needed to hang 10 gold angels on the massive pillars in the church, and we needed the floral wire that Elaine had brought. Well, we couldn't remember who had the wire last, or who put it away, or where they put it. There were about 7 people, including myself, in the Sacristy looking for the floral wire. We were almost frantic, opening and closing the many cabinets and drawers that line the back of the Sacristy. All of a sudden I get this idea to pray aloud to St. Anthony. "St. Anthony, please help us find the floral wire," I shouted aloud! Sure enough, as soon as the prayer came off my lips, I opened up the next cabinet, and lo and behold, the floral wire was sitting behind some fabric. St. Anthony led me right to it! I screamed "Thank You St. Anthony!", and then paraded the wire around for everyone to see. They were really amazed, because they had heard my prayer, and then saw for themselves the immediate results.
I truly believe it was due to St. Anthony's intercession that we found the floral wire.
Thank you, St. Anthony, I love you !! Charlotte
When we were visiting my mother's house when our oldest son James (now 26)
was about two years old, it was time to gather up our things and head back
home, a 2 hour ride away. James had taken off his shoes, as he often did,
and we scoured the house looking for them. There were five adults and
several kids all searching for those shoes. Finally, when we were totally
unable to find them, I said, "OK. That's it. Everyone stop looking. If St.
Anthony wants us to find them, he'll put them right into the middle of the
living room." So everyone stopped looking. And just then our nephew lifted
a newspaper on the coffee table in the middle of the living room, and the
shoes were there, under it !!

Years later when this same son James was in high school, he was doing a
report for one of his courses. He was using a particular book in his bedroom
and could not find it. Having searched all over his room, high and low, for
this book, he called me in to help him look. No luck. Finally I said, "Let's
say a prayer to St. Anthony." We did and, upon finishing the prayer, looked
on his bed and there was the book. "He blows my mind when he does that,"
James said. Indeed !!

I would appreciate your prayers for this son James who is now away from the
church (attending no church) and whose fiance has no faith at all. Please
pray that St. Anthony gather in these two souls. Thanks. Madeline

The following item is posted mainly because it is a good book on St Anthony and also because Madeline, the authoress, is a friend of mine. I receive no money and no incentives from the sale proceeds of this fine book on St Anthony. Richard (webmaster for this site)

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(Pauline Books and Media, 1995. In its second printing) 13.95 postpaid
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Middletown RI 02842-4600. This book tells the story of St. Anthony of Padua
through the eyes of those who knew him. Ninety-five percent of what the
saint says in this book are his actual words. A chance for you to experience
the saint as never before. One of Pauline Books best sellers.
You can email Madeline at

Hi. I had to smile when I read that you were looking for St. Anthony
stories. My grandmother was on a first name basis with the saint.

Several years ago, my husband and I and 3 small children were at a family
reunion which was held at the farm of my aunt and uncle who lived about 500
miles from our home. One day, the keys to our truck and camper were lost in
the yard. It was a big yard with many places to lose things. My
grandmother immediately invoked the aid of St. Anthony, knitting and praying
as the rest of us searched high and low, smiling indulgently at her quaint
devotion to the saint. After about an hour of fruitless searching, my
grandmother lost her patience. Turning her eyes to heaven she exclaimed,
"What's taking you so long?" Within 5 minutes the keys were found very near
to the truck.

Ironically, my grandmother lost almost all of her memory in her final years.
However, I am sure she is in heaven right now making sure St. Anthony
doesn't overlook anyone's petitions, or make them wait too long.

I was once told a story about a young priest, who was new to a certain
Parish. Anyway, each time, he came into the Chapel, some young upstart, had
turned the St Anthony statue, so as he was facing the wall. The priest duly,
repositioned him. Yet time and time again on entering the chapel, there was
St Anthony LOOKING, at the wall. So the priest decided to lie in wait for
this young scoundrel. As he waited, in the quietness of the chapel, he saw a
nun enter the side door and she turned St Anthony to face the wall. Well, the priest
said in astonishment, Sister kindly explain your actions. Oh Father, I'm so
ashamed, but this saint has been asking for this. We've prayed and prayed for
his help and to no avail and until he cough up the necessary he's facing the
wall . Happily to say, with some further prayers and beseeching all was resolved, the nun's prayer petitions were granted and after that St Anthony was left in full view from that time on. Anna Mae
St. Anthony has helped me many times. The most unusual story is
when I lost my drivers license and other important ID cards and, I didn't
realize for a few days. Upon discovering my loss I looked in my coat pocket
and found nothing. I didn't panic and went about my housework. The
mailman came and as I sorted it I noticed an envelope from a surveying
firm. I almost threw it out as I am still being cautious about anthrax.
Something told me to go ahead and open it. To my surprise I found all
my missing ID. The owner of the company said one of his crews had
found it! To this day I still don't know where I lost it. Thank you dear
Two years ago when I was in Rome, we were given information and maps to get
around the city. I brought all that material home and forgot all about it.
I am leaving Monday for another trip to Italy and Medjugorje and wanted my
maps and transportation material to take with me. I had looked in all the
obvious places but had no luck. At mass this evening, I asked St. Anthony
to please help me find it since I had no idea where it might have been put
in the last two years. When I got home, I walked right straight to one of
the bookcases and picked it up--right where I had been looking earlier.
St. Anthony to the rescue once again. No wonder he is one of my very
favorite saints and friends.
Hello....I don't usually share this kind of information with everyone, but it IS kinda cool, so here goes....
I have a necklace that I wear all the time, it never comes off. And on this necklace is a collection of different medals that I wear. I have a Miraculous Medal, a Scapular medal, a St. Joseph medal, an Agnes Dei, - well, you get the idea.
One morning, while visiting with my mother at her home, the youngest, my son, was playing with my chain, like he always does. I discovered later on, that all my medals where gone! I was heartbroken, and in a bit of a panic to find them. I could not question my son, as he has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and could not possibly answer. I shook out my t-shirt, checked to make sure they weren't caught in my luck. So, I prayed and prayed and prayed to St. Anthony, while I crawled around on all fours around the bedroom and hallway -- all over my mother's house. I was sooo upset. After a good while, my mother said not to worry, get up and we would look again later. As I got up, and began to walk to the kitchen for a cup of tea, I could hear what I thought was coins dropping on the floor. Lo and behold!! They were my medals!! St. Anthony answered my prayers in a HUGE way. I was, and always am, so grateful to this wonderful Saint.
The other incident, again involving my medals, happened not too long ago. I was getting dressed in a hurry, in order to bring my son to school one morning. As I checked myself in the mirror, I noticed that my St. Benedict Medal was missing - oh no!! I LOVE that medal. I went through all the medals on my chain, and it wasn't there! I quickly and fervently began praying, knowing I only had a few seconds before I had to get in the car and get my son to school. God bless St. Anthony, as he answered my prayers again! I glanced in the mirror once more (for what, I didn't know) and there it was....stuck to my chest as if with medal!!! St. Anthony is a miracle worker, and I'll tell that to anyone who's willing to listen - AMEN! Nina
It was July 1948 when we got married and we moved far from home to the
mountains of northern California. That year to my great delight the snow
started in October. A friend took us out to the country and we went out into
a big open field to play in the snow. When we got home my new husband
discovered his heavy wedding ring was missing. We were heart-broken. We
prayed often to St Anthony and promised we would give the price of the ring
to the church if it was found.

In the spring, March or April, when the snow started melting the same friend
came and said we should all go for a ride and look for the ring. We prayed
on the way out there. We weren't sure where it was we had stopped but when
we came to a likely looking spot he stopped the car right on the highway
(there was still snow on the shoulder). We got out of the car, my husband
walked to the front of the car, bent down and picked up his ring. If the
car had gone even six inches farther if would have never been found.

It took us several months to put the money into the collection as we were
very poor then but we were so happy to have his ring back we didn't mind.
Now when I lose something I promise money for Mother Angelica at EWTN since
she is Franciscan too. jean

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"Most holy St Anthony the great love of God that you possessed while on earth merited for you the gift of miracles, which you freely dispensed to those in trouble and adversity. Knowing my many trials and tribulations, I beseech you to whisper my petitions into the ears of the Holy Child, Jesus, whom you held many times in your arms with love and affection. If this request is for God's greater glory and my eternal salvation, may it be granted. Amen."

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