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Visions I have had - some for over forty years

all the following articles are personal meditations by

Dr. Stephen A. Rinehart

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The Consecration 06.22.2003


on the Feast Day of the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus



By:       Stephen Rinehart

Date:    June 22, 2003



The Consecration of the Mass is the most beautiful offering by the priest when he raises the Host to God, The Father. We are all reflected in the Host. We all were created from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by The Word. We are all present in the Host (lovingly held by Jesus within His Most Sacred Heart) being consecrated to God before receiving the Holy Eucharist. We all receive the special graces for the reception of Holy Communion at his time.


The Vision:

When the priest elevates the Host during the Consecration of the Mass, I see the whole world – past, present and future reflected in the Host. New souls to be conceived are “brought forth”, those who have lived on earth and in Heaven are joined to those living (Church Militant) and those who are to come.  Many souls are released fom Purgatory during the Consecration of The Mass. This is why we have a Mass for The Departed. These are all the People of God who follow His Commands. We all are part of His Most Sacred Heart. We all came from His Most Sacred Heart – The New Jerusalem.  This is why we are called The Mystical Body of Christ – for time does not exist when the Host is elevated. We are truly all “One in Christ”.



Our Lady of All Nations  05.13.2003



Date: 13 May, 2003

By:    Stephen Rinehart



Our Blessed Mother revealed this title to a Dutch Visionary, Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam, in a series of visions and messages that began on March 25, 1945, the Feast of the Annunciation. Our Lady first appeared to Ida on Oct 13, 1917 (Fatima) when Ida was 12 years old. The content of the many prophecies by Ida was carefully recorded and safeguarded prior to the events prophesied coming to pass. Many of her prophecies were decades in coming to pass. One prophecy, the most important, has yet to take place.


The Pope will one day announce the Marian dogma (to be celebrated on May 31) that Our Lady of All Nations is Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. The Blessed Mother asked Ida to tell the world to say the following prayer to be recited daily (in front of a Crucifix if possible) and spread the devotion in the churches through modern means of communication (Internet):



Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,

Send now Your Spirit over the earth.

Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations,

That they may be preserved

From degeneration, disaster and war.

May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary,

Be Our Advocate. Amen



These three concepts form one, cohesive whole (i.e., last Marian dogma) reflecting the Trinity. The Lady of All Nations became Co-Redemptrix (by The Father) at the time of the Annunciation. She became the Mediatrix (by the Son) when Jesus said; “Woman, behold your Son” for Jesus was speaking to all mankind from The Cross. Mary became Our Advocate (by the Holy Spirit) when Jesus said: “Son behold your Mother ” (The Immaculate Conception).



There could be no redemptive graces through Blessed Mother’s cooperation until Her Lord and Son Jesus Christ redeemed the world first. Jesus told the Apostles, “If I do not go then The Holy Spirit cannot come [to you].” Our Blessed Mother said in 1953: “This Time is Our Time.” We musty now pray this prayer daily for Jesus to again send The Second Pentecost. Otherwise there will continue to be wars, disasters, and degradation.



Why Amsterdam: On March 12, 1345, a documented “Miracle of the Eucharist” took place after a very sick, Catholic man vomited a Host. His wife swept everything into the fireplace at the request of a priest. The next morning she found the Host miraculously floating in the air above the fireplace. She carefully placed it into a box and gave it to the local priest to return it to the Tabernacle. The next day the Host reappeared in the box and this was repeated a third time. A public devotion was declared and a Holy Place (Chapel) was built to display the Miraculous Host of Amsterdam in a Monstrance for all to adore. Every year in March the Eucharistic Procession took place from Holy Place to nearby St Nicholas church. Up until this time Amsterdam had been a small fishing village (1215 AD). With the recognition of the Great Eucharistic Miracle, this village now became a place of pilgrimage and pilgrims from all over Europe came to Amsterdam to do reverence and the city became a great port city.



The Host and Monstrance again miraculously survived a fire on May 25, 1452 in which everything else was destroyed. A new chapel was built on the old site. During the Reformation, the Protestants took over the Holy Place and the Miraculous Host was never seen again. The procession was forbidden by the Protestants during the Reformation but nevertheless Catholics would gather each year and walk the way in prayer and in silence. This became known as the Silent Way and the devotion continues to this day.



Vision: In a vision, I see the Miraculous Host being taken by a Dutch ship to New Amsterdam (New York) in the late 1600s where it now appears to reside [near the center of the old city] on an altar in a stone room with no windows but only candles burning nearby. Satan coveted “possession of the Host” since he could not destroy it by fire but satan cannot come near the Host nor can anyone touch it since it is guarded by St Michael. This is the Host which appears miraculously around the world when it is carried by St Michael (i.e., Garabandal, Spain) to the recipient. The date of March 12th (i.e, unknown sick man – little known Saint of the Eucharist) is connected to the date Oct 13th in some manner and the year 2045 is prophetic for “New Amsterdam” for it represents the 700th Anniversary date of the Eucharistic Miracle of Amsterdam. Our Lady called Amsterdam the City of The Blessed Sacrament. A truly prophetic announcement!



Please say the Prayer to Our Lady of All Nations daily for Jesus Christ to now send His [Eucharistic] Spirit to All Nations. It is The Holy Spirit of Truth.





"Happy is he who lives and dies under the protection of the Blessed Virgin " - Saint Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney, the Cure D' Ars, ( 1786-1859 )

"Devotion to the Blessed Virgin in no way detracts from the Glory of God. Rather, it leads us directly back to that Author of all good, Who has willed her to be so great and so pure ". - Pope Pius Xll 

visitors since 11/22/2002

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