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Please feel free to pass these stories on especially to all those in despair so that they might know that they are not alone in their hour of need.


Larry had a miraculous Transforming Experience from Heaven While Praying the Rosary for Poor Souls

During the morning of March 8, 1985 after leaving my home in Gray Louisiana, traveling south to upper Little Calliou, I started a Rosary, the sorrowful mysteries offering this Rosary for the poor souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them. When announcing the fourth mystery and thinking of Jesus fall and Simon of Cyrene a black man being forced to carry the cross for Jesus. In my minds eye, I could see Jesus on his bruised knees, turning his head and look into the eyes of Simon. Simon fell in love with Jesus I said. Jesus let me love you the way you want me to love you. Not the way I want to love you. The way Simon of Cyrene did when his eyes met yours. When I said this to my great surprise, I could hear vocally audible chanting voices. I immediately reached over and turned the radio knob it clicked on and music was their. I immediately turned it off. Saying I must have imagined this happening. Then continued praying the Rosary and just as before they started chanting again. The one thing I can say with certainty it was not English. It seemed to be like Arabic. When arriving at my friend's home on Little Calliou I said nothing.

Continuing the same Day I started my second Rosary, when on lower Bayou Blue. While praying, I heard clearly trumpets, again about three, definitely more than one. I said I know I heard this, at the same time putting the window down and looking in the rearview mirror, with no one in sight except with some one about one mile ahead of me so I ruled out trick horns of sorts and then immediately the trumpets blew again for the second time. They sounded like a great announcement. Stopping at friend's home and sitting with him and three relatives. Not once twice but a third time, I heard audibly the sounds of the bells rung at the elevation of the Eucharist at Holy Mass. It was not I think I heard this, I know I did. When I asked what are those bells they said what bells? I said like the ones they ring at Mass. They all started laughing after a very short while I heard them again saying, there-they are again do you hear them, and again they laughed. I called my wife, when she answered; I told her where I was. She said did you just call I said no, then she indicated I thought the phone rang - when answering there was just a dial tone. When arriving home, I told her about the things that happened that day. You KNOW I WAS very calm about it all and went on with the things we normally did. While having coffee the next morning and speaking with my wife, I began to analyze what had happen the previous day March 8, 1985, explaining all to her. 

Then all off a sudden, my whole body felt an infusion of a transforming grace. I then began weeping profusely like a child with deep sobs. This was the time I was, being, transformed from the inside out, with living waters flowing. I then had an overwhelming thirst to know everything about Jesus Christ. It was something; I had never in my life experienced before, a thirst and desire to know Jesus. I will try to explain further it is compelling, it is like falling in love for the first time, but compounded. You could change your mind but you do not and the more you understood about Jesus; the more you wanted of him. It is a longing to be united with him and the oneness of the trinity ever moment of your life thinking and loving Mary, Jesus, and the Father the creator of all. I am sure I have not even come close to an accurate description of that thirst of wisdom of knowing, loving and serving God. Remembering we had this large bible, I started reading the New Testament and noticed every word spoken by Jesus. I was a pouring over Scriptures to learn everything Jesus said, trying to satisfy a thirst for knowledge and wisdom to understand his every word. When all was read that Jesus said (in red), I started praying for wisdom to understand the word of God and would kiss the bible before reading. Starting with the New Testament reading it completely, Then with that accomplished, I studied what was meant for me then went on reading all of the Old Testament; I just could not put the bible down, read and reread gaining a greater knowledge.

Now in his love and mercy, he places me with my free will, on my knees bringing me to the Trinity as children of the most high with a new child like surrender. It's a true heart felt surrender.

Testimony of Larry A Arceneaux

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Praying the Rosary brought Romy peace and kept her safe and at peace during a violent storm and a difficult drive home.

I hope my message inspires someone to continue to pray the rosary and to not give up.

On my way home I decided to stop at the local chiliís restaurant and order some take out.

As I waiting for my order I noticed that the rain was coming down really hard and I started to worry because I lived about twenty minutes away.  I figured I would wait in my car for a little while until the rain subsided.  I got impatient like I usually do and said to myself itís getting late I will put in my cd of the rosary and pray along until I reached safely home.  I drove on the I-95 at 25-35 mph which is unheard of on I-95.  I drove with my hazard lights on to let people around me know that I was driving slow and that to be careful.  Most people were driving slowly but some people were going much faster than I was.  I was saying to myself wow God these people just donít know.  I was so scared because at times I couldnít see more than 20 feet in front of me.  I kept praying and praying.  I was saying the joyful mysteries that day and the orator was on the first mystery where the angel says to Mary and the other Mary be not afraid because Jesus has risen.   The words "be not afraid" relaxed me and I continued to say the rosary for me and the other drivers on the road.  Usually it would take me 20 minutes to get home but on rainy day especially one like that it should have taken me at least 45 minutes.  I finished the joyful mysteries and then I started to say the sorrowful mysteries but by time I got home I was on the last decade and I just wanted to get inside my house but I heard "just finish".  So I said ok and I finished the rosary and when I got to the end it suddenly stopped raining !!  Glory be to God.  That has never happened before.  The rain just stopped and I made it home without a scratch.   I hate to drive in the rain itís very dangerous especially when there are people on the road driving between 60 and 80 mph.  It was a miracle I made it home safe and the fact that as soon as I finished the rosary it had stopped raining.  I am grateful to God and our Blessed Mary for bringing me home safely.  For years my mom prayed for me to get home safe whenever it rained and now that she has passed she probably still is. Romy


Devotion and carrying her Rosary has protected Jean in miraculous ways throughout her life !!


 I just felt that i needed to share my rosary stories with someone........
 today i bought a new rosary for my dearest brother who often needs to go outstation to the most remote countries like saudi arabia, gabon, ivory coast, kuwait, & others. he works on board a ship so he is away every few months and our family is always worried sick till he comes home..he says in some of the muslim countries, he is not allowed to carry any signs of christianity, not even a cross !
. but i am going to persuade him to do so the next time, cause i was so blessed by sweet jesus and our mother mary  who saved me twice. i believe if my brother has more confidence , carrying the rosary will be his salvation in times of trouble or evil  in some of those places he is sent to for his job. 
....my story goes...
when i was a little girl, my dearest papa gave me a beautiful white rosary and i treasured it. i think because my papa explained to us the prayers of the rosary and we often said the rosary as a family.
we were not rich, just like every family of the 60s and 70s, we didnt have material comforts but we had riches like a pair of great parents and brothers and sisters for company, a home, books and a privilege of going to school.. my papa worked very hard to make it all possible and was  a great believer in the rosary. whenever things got rough he'd go to church and say a few rosaries. 
 ..somehow, i got very attached to that white rosary...all i knew that it was something holy and that i had to keep it safe and clean at all times.. i carried my rosary every where i went ( in a pink plastic cup like container) -whether at home or at church or at school !
then when i was 7years old, i met with an automobile accident while running across the road to meet my mum who just returned from the shops.   eye-witnesses said that its a miracle i was still alive and able to talk after an hour or so.. -- they saw the car hit me and i was flown  several yards away-like a rag doll...but only sustained bruises on hands legs and a cut on my head that needed only 4 stitches to close up.!
 Being very young when this happened to me...i cant remember most of the details, but my mum and neighbours who witnessed the accident, keep telling me this story even till  today,(whenever someone brings it up) and they'll say  thats its a miracle i am alive...we all  know that we owed my life to jesus and mary and my love of that beautiful rosary... i still to this day,40 years later,  am never without a rosary wherever i go.
..Another time the rosary saved me was when i was older and  a working adult.. i saved up enough money and was privileged to have the opportunity to make a holy pilgrimage to lourdes,fatima and rome etc..
i was travelling with a colleague from my work place  ..also a catholic.
on the way back from the pilgrimage our tour stopped over in Turkey. we had 2 days sightseeing before we returned home.
on the very first night in the hotel in turkey we were tired and had an early night.
instinctively i said my prayers and hung my rosary on a lamp that was just above my bed..(i just felt safer by doing that,maybe the fact that i was in a strange country etc..)..i fell asleep instantly.
the next morning my friend told me why i did not wake up to help her last night.?
i said "what are u talking about?"
she said she was calling out to me to help her and struggling as she felt a hand choking her and something heavy was on her chest, till she couldnt breathe properly.. after a while she said, she managed to shout out "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help me "  and the unknown force left her!
i told her very honestly, that i was very sorry as i didnt hear her calling out to me as i must have been  sound asleep...
she remembered that she did say her night prayers but still she was disturbed by what ?.... till today we still dont know..she was very sure she wasnt having a nightmare..!!
we checked the doors and windows.. it was locked shut as we left it before going to bed!
 i  often wonder if i would have been attacked too if i didnt have my beloved rosary with me on that night??
it really frightened both of us..
 i will not hesitate to tell anyone to love and keep a holy rosary with them at all times ... it  really works  wonders ! try it !
                             PRAISE THE LORD !
 jean wheatley
15th august 2004 ( the assumption of our lady)
Margaret has had many miracles with her Rosary - not only for her but for others also !!
Several years ago being a Catholic I decided to pray the rosary four times a day for lent.  My daughter was young at the time and one evening she was naughty and sent to her room. We heard her scream and when we rushed to see what had happened she was rocking back and forward in bed and coaxing her she told her story. A lady in white had appeared near her and was wearing a veil.  Her eyes appeared half closed and she didn't speak.  I tried at first to say my daughter was imagining things but eventually I admitted that it was probably Our Lady drawn to our home because I was praying the rosary so fervently and so often.  I also had a sick cat at the time who should have died fairly quickly according to the vet but the lasted for months as I included him in my rosary and the vet said it was a miracle he had lived for so long with his tumour. In fact as I prayed the tumour receded several times and there was no medical explanation for this.   Also although I am a Catholic I was not aware of the Divine Mercy miracles which normally occur if you are praying for a miracle the Sunday after Easter usually about three o clock in the afternoon. I was praying the rosary a few hours before that and my very old faded rosary beads suddenly bloomed into beautiful colours and I felt totally euphoric and even my husband who is neither a religious person or a catholic had to admit it had happened. From then on they would vary from day to day. Sometimes I would put them on a table when they had faded and when I next went back they would be glowing again. A friend borrowed them to show another friend she was trying to get to go back to mass. He was shocked when he was left with the beads and his hands turned into  a goldy glowing colour. It spooked him a bit at first and he would joke keep these away from me but he did go back to mass.  One day I asked Jesus who had changed my beads him or Mary and I soon was given a sign as I dropped of to sleep one night. A mini picture appeared in my vision of Jesus standing over a big glass bowl shaped like a wok with his hands hovering above it. I knew that he was letting me know that he was the creator of my miracle beads.  I also had a mini vision of the Eucharist floating out of a tabernacle before me and I knew he wanted me to keep going to mass and most importantly of all receive communion. I am no saint and I don't want anyone to think I am. I have faltered in many ways over the years and am human and am ashamed to say I have missed mass many times over the years since but have started to go back and wanted to share gods love and indeed the power of prayer with everyone who reads my experience at a time when I prayed fervently.  I have also had many miracle through praying to St Jude who is the patron saint of hopeless cases and I would like to encourage anyone who visits this site and needs the help of a saint to find his prayer by typing in St Judes novena and his novena is on many websites. I am taking this opportunity to publish my thanks for all the compassion and help he has given to me over the years when I have prayed to him. As my lovely mother was dying I prayed fervountly to St Jude for a miracle and also St Anthony and Our Lady and St Martin and Jesus. Alas she was very ill with a stroke and did die but that night both myself and my sister heard the faint sound of a heavenly choir of angels above the hospital room. It helped me enormously to know that she was going to heaven.  I got my miracle but not in the way I expected.  I even heard the ping of a harp as the music ended and I believe we would never have had this privilege without the power of prayer.
I hope people who read of my experiences will start praying the rosary and to St Jude also when things seem impossible.
All my love,
Margaret Edinburgh

Saying the Holy Rosary for her deceased father - brings her a blessed consolation !!
sent in by Cindee

A few months ago I was reading rosary stories.  I read about a lady who asked our Blessed Mother to send her a rose if her deceased mother was in heaven.  My father passed away in 1983.  Since only becoming Catholic three years ago, I never said a rosary for my father.  That night, over come with grief, I offered up a rosary for my father.  While I was praying I thought about, if he was in heaven, would our Blessed Mother would allow me to hear his name somehow.  His name, Weldon, was an unusual one.  I never came out and asked if she would do this, I just thought it.  Two days later I was getting ready for one of our staff meeting.  My priest (I work as our parish coordinator) asked me if I would type up a letter for him.  As we walked into my office he handed me the paper that he wanted me to type up.  The gentleman's name who this letter was addressed to was Weldon.  At first I just sat there starring at it, not sure what to think.  At first I was in disbelief, amazed to have such a beautiful gift from my Mother.  I now proudly share my story to anyone in order to let people now about how much our Blessed Mother loves us and how real purgatory is.
I thank and praise God for giving me this Gift. 
Yours in Christ Jesus,


Rosebud in the Snow

sent in by Rita

Prior to my father's death (4-19-72 of cancer) at age 61, I, being single and living in an apartment moved back home several weeks prior to his death. He of course was very pleased as my mother (a retired nurse who did not drive) would not find it necessary, after his anticipated death, to live alone. At the time I was not "practicing" my faith i.e., rationalizing missing Mass, etc. wasn't really a sin. My dad on his deathbed made a tape recording asking that we (my Mom and me) get back to Church even though he set no example of this himself during his life. The only time I can recall my father in Church was for the celebration of our First Holy Communions and, perhaps, at Midnight Mass at Christmas. He, however, was adamant about seeing to it that all three of us (two younger brothers) went to Catholic grade and high school even though he could barely afford it, even way back then. Further, he was adamant about our attending Mass every Sunday even if he didn't practice what he preached. He always believed in God. We dared not disobey! However, at a certain age I decided I'd "do as he didn't" i.e., attend weekly Mass. As was his practice, because I had become of age, I could do as he did and just skip attending Mass. What's the big deal? The rationalizations of not really sinning, etc. of course followed. Although I was not living at home, this fact which became a habit, was quite evident to my dad and family.
Interestingly, my father was the first Catholic in the Cleveland, Ohio Diocese to be cremated! Knowing he was dying, and always believing in God, he went to Confession and received the last rites of the Church. His own planned-out funeral arrangements included cremation, no Mass on the day of his burial for the family to grieve through (but rather have a Mass said afterwards), no flowers which were in his mind a waste of money, and the showing of his body would be private to also make it easier on the family. All this he discussed with Father. His argument at the time for cremation, never before permitted, was the fact that a graveyard was being dug up in our neighborhood and the bodies were being reburied elsewhere to make room for the construction of a Red Barn Restaurant on the site. His reasoning/questioning to Father was: "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, right?" Father stated this had never been done before and to please allow him time before making final arrangements to discuss the matter with the chancery. Permission to be cremated was subsequently granted. The entire arrangement was, indeed, easier on the family and for this I am yet grateful to my dad.
The same kind of funeral arrangements were made for my mom who passed away 17 years later (February, 1990) and this is where the story of my Rosebud in the Snow comes in. Yes, my mom and I returned to Church and attended weekly Mass. I often would also attend daily Mass. Five years prior to my mother's passing on, she had successful by-pass surgery (age 75). Oh, I say it was successful even though she wasn't with it mentally afterwards and was placed in a nursing home. However, with God's grace, I took her out of the nursing home she was in (that had denied she was on valium, etc. until I saw her chart for myself) and placed her in a different nursing home some 200 miles away near Pennsylvania. Two weeks after being in this nursing home she was released and, I might add, quite with it mentally. My first indication of her "coming back", so to speak, was when she asked for the daily paper to "work her puzzle". What a joyous day that was!
Once mom came home, with the encouragement of my younger brother, Dan, who had visited us from out of state, we started saying the rosary together. After my brother returned home, my mom and I continued reciting the rosary together every evening to her dying day. We always included in our prayers a request that she die a quick, holy and happy death and not have to ever return to a nursing home. Prior to her death she suffered a stroke and spoke what I called Pig Latin (couldn't understand a word she was saying although she thought she was carrying on a normal conversation; the words just didn't come out right). God's blessing was with us once again as she came out of the stroke with complete recovery of speech and suffered no ill affects from the stroke and was again living a normal life. Not too long after, on President's Day, during the night she awoke and called to me saying "Rita, I don't feel right". Immediately, I called 911. In the early hours of the morning (around 3:00 A.M.), they arrived and took her to the nearby hospital. Being a nurse I think she knew "this was it" as she said to me, "I thought it would pass." She went into a coma which the doctor described as a "means to an end" i.e., she had an aneurysm in the back of her head and it was only a matter of time. She was given the last rites and died peacefully the very next day around 5:00 P.M.
As I stated, she was cremated. The evening of the day her ashes were buried, we had a very heavy snow storm. It was one of those real windy snow storms where the wind made the snow as even and smooth/soft as white velvet across the land (and our backyard). Not being able to sleep and accepting comfort from our Sheltie, Sheba (now almost 16), I went to the kitchen window where I could clearly see the backyard. As was our practice if we got up during the night, I flicked on the spotlight which shined out to our detached garage just to make sure all looked okay (could see through the double garage door which had windows). I had already felt at peace about my mother's death knowing God granted our prayerful wish i.e., quick, holy and Catholic death, never having to return to a nursing home. Some in the family said her death "hadn't hit me yet", however, I knew otherwise. I was just eternally grateful for the kind of death she had. However, to my surprise, an image in the snow, at least 12 feet in size was an outline of a rosebud with a very long stem as well as two branches. The rosebud was perfect in shape, curvature and all. One could clearly take it for nothing but a rosebud with a long stem and two branches, one extending from the right and one a bit further down to the left. At the base of the stem lay my dog's ball (about 8 inches in diameter) zig-zaged back and forth about five times to its final resting place as though it had simply signed off.
This incident only added to the peace I already felt. I took it as a confirmation that my mom was in heaven. What a gift! I think of it often and can still see it in my mind's eye. The remainder of the yard was smooth as silk with the exception of the outlined rosebud with a stem and two branches. I tried to take a picture of it but couldn't get the back screen door open. It was frozen shut. While I wiped the glass and took a shot anyway, it did not come out when the film was developed. It just wasn't meant to be photographed.
Stranger yet. . . .it was a short time later, I learned the rose is associated to Our Lady's rosary. This I had never before known.


Rosary Comforts Dying Woman
sent in by Christine

When my mother was in hospital for her final stay, the staff had her propped up with pillows to aid her breathing. She sounded like she was moaning with each breath. We had to play tag-team visitors, so some of us waited in the hospice room for their turn. My brother, Steve, popped his head in and asked if I had my rosary with me. I nodded and he gestured for me to come with him to Mom's room. He told me she wasn't moaning, but praying. He told me to lean in close and listen. "Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen." was what I caught. So I laid my rosary on her hand to give her comfort. She was too weak to actually use it. I had the priveledge of staying in her hospital room for one night. We'd be bringing her home the next day, as the doctor said there was nothing they could do. I stayed up all night with her and we almost lost her twice. I prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries with her (as it was the day for it). Her first night (and her last) at home, I prayed the Glorious Mysteries with her. I also felt led to pin a miraculous medal to her gown. I read some scriptures to her from Romans (nothing can separate us from the love of God), sang her a lullabye, and she passed. I went to the weekday Mass at her church the next morning. Fr. Tom came over to be before Mass as I was praying. He asked, "have you gotten your message from Heaven yet?" My mouth hung open! I had just seen, in my mind's (soul's eye) the figures of my mother (younger at about age 33), and another woman clothed in biblical-type robes. The other woman had an arm around my mothers waist and the other arm out in front as if escorting her in to the Presence. I was so astonished! I just wanted to share that with you. christine


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